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Sago Palm Toxicity

While sago palms are a beautiful plant, they are also toxic to certain animals. Dogs, cats and horses are negatively affected by this plant. The sago palm can cause bloody stool, yellowing of the skin, vomiting, bruising, liver damage or failure, bloody diarrhea, and in the worst cases death. Symptoms can occur as quickly as…
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Obesity has become a major problem in pets. More than half of the current pet population is obese greatly shortening their life span. Extra weight can also cause pain in their joints and early onset of arthritis. We understand how difficult it is to turn your pet down for a treat or table food when…
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Ear Cleaning

We all love our cute and cuddly puppies. While they are easy to hold and handle when they are small, as they grow larger it can be more difficult. Ear Cleaning is recommended weekly and twice weekly in dogs that are prone to allergies. This can be scary for them since they don't know what…
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Care Credit

There are times when it would be nice to not have to worry about pet healthcare costs. Yearly vaccinations, exams, and testing can be a financial burden. Since most veterinary hospitals do not have payment plans we often have to choose what we can afford instead of what we would like to have done for…
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