Care Credit

There are times when it would be nice to not have to worry about pet healthcare costs. Yearly vaccinations, exams, and testing can be a financial burden. Since most veterinary hospitals do not have payment plans we often have to choose what we can afford instead of what we would like to have done for our pets. But, there is hope. Care Credit is a credit card that provides financing and is accepted at many veterinary hospitals. Typically, any transaction over $200 is interest free for 12 months. They do require the monthly payment to be made on time and the entire amount must be paid off by the end of the promotional period. If not they do add back interest to your account.

Care Credit makes it possible to have services such as wellness evaluations with vaccines and a full year’s supply of prevention taken care of at one time. Using this method of payment also allows multiple pets to be scheduled in one visit, not only saving you valuable time on extra trips to our office but also giving you a full year to pay for the costs. Unexpected injuries or sicknesses, especially those requiring surgery often seem to come at a time when we are most stretched financially. Having Care Credit available can allow your pet to get the care needed without a large expense at one time.

Care Credit can also be used at participating dentist, dermatologist and pharmacies. Each organization may have specific financing terms so I recommend checking with each separate business as well as Care Credit’s own website, .

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