Ear Cleaning

We all love our cute and cuddly puppies. While they are easy to hold and handle when they are small, as they grow larger it can be more difficult. Ear Cleaning is recommended weekly and twice weekly in dogs that are prone to allergies. This can be scary for them since they don’t know what is going on. It is best to begin cleaning the ears while they are still a puppy so they become used to the treatment early on.

It is best to begin by petting their head and ears. Massage the area at the base of the ears to get them used to being handled. Begin this regimen while forming your bond with the puppy.

After a couple of weeks you will need to use an ear cleaner. Simply squirt cleaner on a cotton ball and place the saturated cotton ball inside of the ear, then massage at the base of the ear. This make a sound similar to a wet tennis shoe going across the floor. If it doesn’t then you will need to add more ear cleaner. You can also squirt the cleaner directly in the ear. Some of them tolerate this well, while others do not. You may want to begin with the saturated cotton ball method and later on try the second method. this is completely your preference.

The puppy will shake his/her head so it is recommended to do this in an area that’s easy to clean such as a utility room or outside. Then, take a dry cotton ball and wipe out any remaining debris. Depending on the amount of wax and debris this could take several cotton balls to complete.


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