Obesity has become a major problem in pets. More than half of the current pet population is obese greatly shortening their life span. Extra weight can also cause pain in their joints and early onset of arthritis.
We understand how difficult it is to turn your pet down for a treat or table food when they give you puppy dog eyes. The best way to ensure you are feeding the correct amount is to calculate how many calories you are feeding per day from their food. Ask your vet for a total calorie count that your pet should be eating per day. Once you have this, calculate how many treats they receive per day into the total calorie count. You will need to reduce the food at meal times if treats are added so you are able to feed them their appropriate calories.
If they are a master at begging while you eat, give them some of their treats or their own food. Please do not give them table food. Their systems are not designed to eat what we do. Giving them table food will not only cause them to gain weight, but also can cause gastrointestinal issues as well as pancreatitis. Please check out our blog on pancreatitis for further information.
While you can use calorie counts to help them lose weight, it is best to not let them become overweight to begin with. Exercising your pet is also another way to help lose or keep them at their ideal body weight.
Please call us with any questions about pet obesity.

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