About Us

 About Our Doctors

Dr. Michael A. Bailey
Owner, Veterinarian

Dr. Michael Bailey decided to become a vet when he was very young. He’d been raised caring for rabbits, chickens, goats, and cattle, and he secured his first job in a vet’s office at the age of 15! Now, he’s living his dream as the owner of Effingham Animal Hospital.
Born and raised in rural northern Alabama, Dr. Bailey earned his DVM degree from Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine. He was hired out of college to work in a north Georgia clinic, where he practiced for six years on everything from dogs and cats to cattle and exotic creatures. When the urge to own his own practice hit, Dr. Bailey moved to Effingham County and purchased the clinic in 1998. Dr. Bailey considers maintaining personal relationships with his clients the most important and enjoyable part of his job; he strives to never take for granted the trust that pet owners place in him. Dr. Bailey is also passionate about saving homeless pets’ lives and getting them placed into loving homes. Dr. Bailey and his wife, Lisa, have two children: their daughter Tenley is a student at Georgia Southern University, and their son Michael stays focused on school through the week and does his computer gaming on the weekends. The furry side of the family includes Cooper, a husky; a Shar Pei named Nia; Moe Moe and Willie, both shelties; and six cats named Sammie, Gladys, Lucy, Olivia, Azul, and Ryan. Outside of his interests in veterinary medicine, Dr. Bailey is a music enthusiast and was active in school band throughout high school and college. He still loves attending concerts when he can. Dr. Bailey also enjoys hiking, going to the beach, and spending time outside working in his yard.

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Meet our veterinarians

Dr. Deana R. Livingston
Associate Veterinarian

When she was four years old, Dr. Deana Livingston’s aunt’s cat had kittens. Young Dr. Livingston was the only one who could manage to catch the kittens, and she decided right then and there that being a veterinarian was what she was going to do!
Dr. Livingston was born in Savannah, Georgia. After attending junior college, she transferred to the University of Georgia to receive her Bachelor’s degree in animal science before earning her DVM degree from the University of Georgia’s College of Veterinary Medicine. She’s especially passionate about preventative medicine, having seen many pets living happier lives thanks to parasite control, proper diet, dental care, and allergy medications. Dr. Livingston has two children: a son and a daughter. She has had kitties all of her life and is currently sharing her home with Bathsheba. When she has a spare moment between work and family life, Dr. Livingston enjoys relaxing with a good book.

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What to Expect

A helpful and friendly staff that lets you know your pet is important to us.

We want you to have all of the information necessary to make the best choices for your pet. We welcome any and all questions or concerns, and enjoy taking the time to thoroughly explain things regarding your pet's health.

You and your pet to feel like family.

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