Sago Palm Toxicity

While sago palms are a beautiful plant, they are also toxic to certain animals. Dogs, cats and horses are negatively affected by this plant. The sago palm can cause bloody stool, yellowing of the skin, vomiting, bruising, liver damage or failure, bloody diarrhea, and in the worst cases death.
Symptoms can occur as quickly as 15 minutes after consumption to a few hours afterwards. Two to three days after ingestion is when issues to the nervous system arise including: weakness, loss of leg movement, liver failure, tremors, and seizures.
It is best for the patient to seek medical treatment as soon as you are aware of the the ingestion. Unfortunately, even with quick and aggressive medical treatment, the prognosis for survival is only about 50%.
The best method to keep pets away from the plant altogether. Every part of the sago palm is poisonous. The seeds, however, are the most poisonous part. Some animals, being curious by nature, will chew/play with plants and in the process ingest the pieces. Some dogs also enjoy eating plants. Thank you for reading and please give our office a call with any questions.

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